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6 things to note when hiring an employment lawyer in Charlotte

Whether you suffered discrimination at the workplace or wrongfully terminated from the job, you have the right to seek legal counsel. Unfortunately, wronged employees often fail to discuss their cases with an attorney. No matter the kind of employment dispute you are dealing with, if you are in Charlotte, you should consider meeting a top lawyer like Strianese Huckert, LLP. If you are unsure of how to choose an employment attorney, here are some things to remember.

  1. Choose someone specializing in employment law. This one is a no-brainer. You don’t need just another lawyer you find online but someone with experience and practices employment law in your city. You can be assured of the support they can provide for the circumstances.
  2. Go for an employee-only lawyer. Always choose an attorney who works for employees and represents their rights. If the law firm works for employees and employers alike, they are more likely to have a conflict of interest in many situations.  
  3. Discuss the payment arrangement. Can you afford an employment lawyer? That is another question that needs attention. Many lawyers prefer to charge an hourly rate, but in some cases, they may want a retainer fee too. It is possible to afford and hire an attorney on a contingency fee. It depends on the type of legal matter at hand, but get an overview of the fee structure and an engagement letter.
  4. Comfort is paramount. Law firms in Charlotte often offer free consultations for clients, and when you meet a lawyer, ensure you gauze their attitude. Did the lawyer answer your questions? Did they make you feel comfortable when talking about your ordeal? The relationship with an attorney is critical, and it should reflect in your conversations from day one.
  5. Check the reviews. Online ratings, especially on websites that are independent, are pretty helpful for comparing employment lawyers. You may also ask for client references but don’t miss out on Google reviews and social media testimonials.
  6. Review their profile. What are the typical cases that an attorney deals with? Have they worked with clients in similar situations as yours? Are they personally available to discuss critical issues? You need to be proactive about finding a good lawyer.

Many matters concerning employment law are time-sensitive. If you have a case, talk to an attorney and ensure you like their approach. Also, always discuss the possible outcomes so you don’t have unrealistic expectations.

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